Election 2020 – Issues you can raise on the doorstep!

As you may be aware, the General Election will be held on Saturday, 8th February, 2020. Politicians will be calling to your door and looking for your vote – this is a great opportunity to raise the important issues affecting you.


This is the time for our voices to be heard! The most significant way to make an impact as a community is for a few core issues to be highlighted by those affected by spina bifida and/or hydrocephalus across the country.


With this in mind, we are suggesting a few talking points which you may want to consider raising when canvassers call to the door. Don’t be shy! Let them know what you think and what your ideas are for a better future… We need Equality Now!

Click here to download your guide

Please ensure you are eligible to vote! Go online and visit www.checktheregister.ie or contact your local county council to ensure you are registered to vote on 8th February.


If you are not registered, you need to download and complete the RFA2 form which can be downloaded at checktheregister.ie. You must have the form signed/witnessed at a Garda Station. The completed forms need to be returned by post or by hand to your local county council by  Wednesday, 22nd January to be eligible to vote. Visit www.checktheregister.ie now!

You can contact your local candidate by using The Wheel's tool by clicking here. To add a personalised message to this tool, you can use the following example here 


Contact your local TD, it only takes a few minutes and it could change everything...

If you believe in our cause, then we need you to take action.


If you can take a few minutes to contact your local TD and let them know that you think that the situation for those living with disabilities is unacceptable, then we stand a greater chance of seeing real, sustainable change.


You can find your local TD contact information here: https://www.whoismytd.com/


Please let us know when you contact your TD so that we are aware of your support, and so that we can follow up with them to see what progress is being made arising from your representation!


Our contact email: info@sbhi.ie


We are Spina Bifida Hydrocephalus Ireland (SBHI). We are the national organisation for everybody living with spina bifida and/or hydrocephalus across Ireland. The Equality Now website is the hub for our campaigning and advocacy activities. Thank you for visiting and please to get in touch if you need more assistance.


You can find out more at: www.sbhi.ie

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